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The advantage of unglazed pots is that they are excellent in terms of breathability, water absorption and drainage. As a result, the soil dries quickly and root rot is less likely to occur. In addition, moisture evaporates from the wall of the pot, so the heat of vaporization is private and the increase in soil temperature can be suppressed. In particular, plants that like a dry environment, such as cacti and succulents, grow best when planted in unglazed pots. This flower pot was originally designed in collaboration with a potter from the Kabylie region of Algeria. The material is made of local mountain earth and the colors are pigments of natural origin. In addition, because it is formed by a hand twist instead of the potter's wheel, each pot differs slightly in design. These traditional motifs represent plants, rivers, and sun and moon. Inner diameter 22 cm x height 15 cm weight 1.6 kg


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Clay, Terracotta
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