Compost substrats

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The original composting mix accelerates decomposing food waste

The composting mix with the golden ratio we have created based on many years of research prevents bad odors and accelerates the decomposition of food waste.


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A unique compost substrate. It contains biochar and coconut fiber, which is what makes our compost especially effective and quick in breaking down organic matter while only giving off a healthy earthy garden smell.

YouTube : Comment installer le kit de compost de cuisine ?

Basic cycle: 

1. Add food waste for 1-2 months : Add an average of 300 to 400g of food waste per day.

2. Aging for 3 weeks : Stop adding food waste, add water every now and then and mix about 3 times a week.

3. Use for gardening : Mix the finished compost with soil to grow vegetables and flowers.


We recommend that you combine purchases to save shipping costs. For example, an order of the main kit consisting of reusable inner and outer bags and a quantity of substrate (15L=approximately 4 Kg) you can add other quantities of substrate for the next few months.

You can download the complete manual (PDF) from "Attachments".


Data sheet

biocharbon, coconut fiber etc.
Country of manufacture
A bag of substrats : L25 × H30 × D15 cm

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