In today’s digital era, where artificial intelligence controls our world, what is the meaning of paintings, painted with the traditional methods unchanged for centuries? What is the motivation of producing products in the world of useless things overflowing?

At the early stage of this project, I was questioning myself these questions and what achieving a goal means to me: I came to realize that the reason I create is to make people’s lives happier and more positive: that is my driving force.

During ten years of practicing oil painting, it seemed to me that these paintings should not only for hanging on the wall but for enriching our lives. When I was 20, I held a painting exhibition with my friends. My mother visited the exhibition and said "I would like to wear a dress with your paintings on." These words had stayed in a corner of my head for more than 10 years.

During my journey from Kyoto to Paris and Algiers, the first design was born. After several tests where we had to learn from the mistakes and making the concept concrete, I came up with the idea of cooperating with different professions in the fashion industry including garment manufacturers.

Our Partners

The Origin of TOÏRO

Jyunin Toiro (十 人 十 色)”, a Japanese proverb,  literally means everyone has its own nuance of colors. In other words, the world is full of diversity, and that is what makes each one of us unique. TOIRO is phonetically close to the Arabic word طار = flying: having the sense of dancing in the sky, flying freely.


Tomoko Kawanami

Born in Japan in 1986. Graduated from the art department of Kyoto City University of Arts in 2009. After working as a company employee in the marketing field, she lives in France from 2016. I work on the design of TOIRO textiles and items.