About compost

Q. What should I do when the compost bag contains a lot of water and it becomes difficult to mix ?

A. Stop adding food waste for 2-3 days and mix well.

Q. I notice that the composting is slow..

A. If you add sugary or fatty food waste, it will break down quickly.

Q. What should When white mold grows ?

A. This is a sign that the composting is going well. Mix gently and keep adding food scraps.

Q. About what to add in the compost

A. Please only put food waste.

-Kitchen waste (vegetable and fruit skins, eggshells)

-Leftover food

-Spoiled food

-Oil (up to 1 cl at a time)

-Fruit/vegetable seeds

-Meat, fish, chicken bones and fish bones

-Coffee grounds

-Tea leaves