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Turns food waste into fertile soil for plants, thanks to the natural effect of microorganisms. All of the LFC compost allows organic waste to be recovered.


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LFC compost set PARIS edition


The “trash” you throw away becomes “nutrition” in soil and grows vegetables. You can create a circular food system from your home with the LFC compost set. Experience the sustainable habit that takes just 5 minutes a day.

Set contents : A main bag (with a zipper), a reusable inner bag, compost substrats 

A main bag with a zipper


Bag-shape compost which suits the balcony 

We take the ease-of-use seriously for something you use everyday. It comes in a bag shape which you can place indoors or on the balcony. The bag itself is small, but with the wide opening, it is easy to mix food waste and base material. The fabric is made from recycled materials from plastic bottles, which is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certifiled.

Compost substrats


The original composting mix accelerates decomposing food waste

The composting mix with the golden ratio we have created based on many years of research prevents bad odors and accelerates the decomposition of food waste.